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Kurriizmatic aims to solve the problem that has been plaguing the fashion industry for quite some time. Our brand creates clothing using only 2nd hand clothing and fabric scraps to create new fabric that can be woven and deconstructed to create other pieces. Fast Fashion and overconsumption are causing too many issues and major companies are not addressing them in a proper manner. Our brand aims to take their mess and clean it up in the most simplest way possible.



We take old clothing, fabrics, rugs, curtains, anything that can be cut into strips, break them down and turn them into yarn balls. Afterwards we begin to sort the weft and warp types of yarn, from there we hand weave new fabric on our various hedge looms using a traditional form of weaving known as: “kilim” defined as a flatweave rug (as distinct to a carpet or pile rug), in which warp yarns (those fixed to the loom) are interwoven with weft yarns usually with the “slitweave” technique.

Afterwards, we then use a combination of knitting, crochet and draping to create our garments.


All of our pieces are genderless, we have general sizing guides for all bodies and genders, we believe that style is universal, so should our clothes be. Everything we make is 1:1 meaning that while the style may exist, each piece is different in terms of color and material. In laymen's terms: garnet counter tops are all cut from the stone but aren’t exactly one to one, same applies for our clothes. Everything is handmade by our designer: Kurriizma in house. Each of our various collaborations have been from designers that Kurriizma’s own values align with. We believe in the design principal of “Wabi-Sabi” finding perfection in imperfections.



"My philosophy is that we all begin this journey in life with nothing but one thing: infinite possibilities. With this simple concept, I have allowed myself to always begin anew, allowing me to evolve and grow introducing fresh perspectives and techniques to any project, job, or opportunity that I am presented. With this perspective in mind, I think about the entire process of design from start to finish. Taking my passion for design and applying it towards any position has proved to be quite successful."

- Kurriizma

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