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The Fashion Brand Turning One Person's Trash Into Another's Treasure

by Mishall B

Embodying the spirit of “clothes as a reflection of you,” Kurriizmatic is one of the coolest emerging brands to come out of the Canadian fashion space. 

Featuring knots, asymmetry, and tassels, their clothing is the epitome of uniqueness, with no two pieces ever being the same.

Having seen a major need to create a brand that reduces waste in an overwhelmingly wasteful fashion world, Kurriizmatic uses handcrafting to reuse scraps and second-hand garments to produce clothing that would be loved by your local edgy individual. 

And being fluid, both on the basis of gender and also through the way it adapts to the body, allows their pieces to be the perfect fit for you.

An viewing of their latest collection, shown at the growing Vancouver fashion week, displays a sense of style and sustainability, while showing pieces that combine the emerging messy aesthetic, combining style, sustainability and individual expression. 

The founder, Hector Diaz, is trying to “right the wrongs in the traditional fashion industry.”

Their brand identity is seen by using unique knitting patterns and vibrant colours, making each look catching and easily attributed to the brand. 

Always identifiable, their signature textile, the knit, is made by breaking down old clothing into yarn and reweaving them into new fabrics.

With the wave of sustainability permeating through the fashion industry, Kurriizmatic is not the only brand on the marker repurposing fabric scraps. 

Companies, like the aptly named FabScrap, reuse used clothing and transform it into insulation and reusable fabrics. 

Even other designers like Alhuwalia and Ancuta Sarca specialize in resuing disposed of clothing. 

Sarca’s entire line is based on creating heels out of used Nike’s, which got landed them in the pages of Vogue and in the hands of some of the biggest names in the industry.

But what makes Kurriizmatic stand out is the identity of the brand. Its signature textile is extremely noticeable and allows them to create clothing made for everyone. 

This central ethos at Kurriizmatic allows it to stand out among the barrage of brands today embodying the singular central tenet of simply being sustainable. 

Kurriismatic embodies the needs of the consumer in 2024: unique, adaptable, and sustainable.

Edited by Emily Duff

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