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CDFA Runway360

"If anyone ever asks me where I am from, I'll just tell them I am from the internet."

Hector Diaz, also known as Kurriizma (Ca-ris-ma), is a recent graduate from Savannah College of Art and Design. Since he/they was five-years-old, he/they has viewed the world of fashion through his/their grandmother's tailor factory - seeing how much we waste vs. how much product we sell. Hector is a fashion designer/illustrator that has a dream of a sustainable world free of boundaries and limitations that society places on itself. He/they constantly tackles the status quo of the industry and looks for new creative and innovative ways to flip the industry. Driven by the idea that dreams can become a reality, Hector's life has always been a journey of trials and tribulations.

Written by CDFA from "CDFA Runway360" Magazine

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