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SRAIGHT - Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 brings artistry and originality to the runway

By J. Andrew Jackson

For two weeks a year, in April and October, the David Lam Chinese Cultural Centre is home to Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW).

Since its inception in 2001, VFW has been dedicated to cultivating a platform that amplifies both established and emerging designers. Excelling in its diversity, VFW highlights international, national, and local makers—on the same night, one might see the latest styles from Japan shown next to the offerings of one of Vancouver’s many fashion schools.

For this fashion lover, VFW is a welcome escape from Vancouver’s laid-back West Coast style and an opportunity to see creativity abound. And the fabulous street style of the attendees is just as eye-catching as the designs on the catwalk.

From Wednesday to Sunday, the runway was ablaze with shows from over 45 designers, some coming from as far as Ukraine and the Philippines. The crowded hall erupted in applause time after time as the audience was wowed by inspired collections, showcasing fashion that is creative, unique, and skillfully crafted.

On opening night, the highlight for creativity and the stylishly unusual went to an emerging designer from Brooklyn, New York, Hector Diaz, and his brand Kurriizmatic. Kurrizmatic is a gender-neutral brand that focuses on sustainability by creating garments from 100 per cent secondhand fabrics and recycled clothing. What hit the runway was a dynamic collection using the designer’s original textiles in a range of amorphous textured.

Written by By J. Andrew Jackson from "STRAIGHT" Magazine

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